You are just like a piece of dirt!

I had a funny week. On Monday and elder called because he played soccer on P-day and has “a lot of scrapes. They look dirty.” okay…. so wash them with soap and water and stick a bandaid on it? Maybe I’m a little harsh, but I was really confused. These 18yr old missionaries make me laugh.
Then my companions and I were talking and Hermana Mosquera told me that she admires that I am down to earth. However, when she said it in Spanish it comes out in English as “you are just like a piece of dirt.” Hermana Sheldon and I could not stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. Spanish is so fun.
Also this week we saw a miracle with our recent convert, Lucila. She has been paying her tithing (even when it’s just a little) and has been able to sell more and more in her store lately! She even gave my companions and I some scarves because she is so so happy and blessed. I love her sweet heart.
One of my favorite things about the mission is that I get to learn from everyone I meet. I learn to be grateful for what I have, to put all of my trust in Heavenly Father, and to live life with a smile. There may be times when we think there’s no way out, or that we’re all alone, but I know that never for one second will Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ stop loving us. Keep the faith and love your life!
Hermana Wyson
The Surgical Squad
The Surgical Squad

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