Why Did God Create Flies?

This week was so fun. General conference is my favorite thing ever and I feel so ready to work and see miracles and be happy always. I know that there are living prophets and I feel so grateful for the life I live.

Some people are so close to the truth that they cant see it. For instance, we are teaching Sara and her niece, Adriana. They moved here recently from Venezuela and are friends with a member of the church. This week Sara tells us that she loves hearing our message, but that she’s catholic and doesn’t feel the desire to change. Adriana, however, feels a certain hunger to learn the truth and wants to keep learning. Usually this would make me a little sad-thinking that Sara is missing out on so many necessary blessings that the Gospel brings. However, I felt only to share about the power of the Book of Mormon and the truth that it contains. Later in the lesson Sara told us that every time they walk passed the church building she leans to Adriana and says “that’s the church you need to go to. That’s the good one.” She even knows the church is true!!! What!. Some day she’ll come to realize what she’ missing
I’m sure.
Another great lesson we had this week was with Familia Guanga. They are a family of 5 and the youngest child is an 8 yr old boy. We asked them if they had any questions that they specifically wanted us to answer the next day. This little boy piped in, “Who created the world?” and then “Also, what is my purpose here?” and after a few minutes and other questions from his sisters he said “okay, this one you might not know, but why did God create flies???” We all had a little laugh, but promised that we would answer these great questions the next day. While sharing the Plan of Salvation that next night I could see his eyes light up as we explained all of these questions of the soul. I love the Plan!
Lets be examples, love the Plan, and share it with everyone.
Hermana Wyson
Guagua bread!
Guagua bread!
ecuador, ama la vida
ecuador, ama la vida

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