Where’s the Beef?

One day we were walking in the street (how many of my stories start this way?) and we came across a kinda sketchy man just standing there outside of a house. We walked past and in doing so realized that he was one of our contacts a couple weeks ago. The sketchy man really isn’t that sketchy, his name is Carlos. We said hi and asked how he was doing. Turns out he has been going through some rough family problems this week and even thought about leaving it all and ending his relationships with his family. We counseled him to read a pamphlet that we had and to pray every day. We told him that God is aware of him and will help him get though it all. As we left  Carlos gave his thanks and mentioned how surprised he was to see us turn around and talk to him. He said that we seemed to be the only ones who noticed his existence. I hope we can all think twice before passing up talking to someone in need!

I loved General Conference! We had an investigator, Mayra, who was planning to go to the Saturday Morning session. I had been praying that she would feel the need to get baptized and Heavenly Father heard my prayers!!! I loved that one of the quotes of conference was, “Come unto Christ and Get baptized!” It was powerful and I know she felt something as well. Ahh, nothing better.
To finish the week we had nice lunch with a member family. We started with soup and then came out the rice and fried banana  and meat. The sister told us that it was liver and I tried to look happy about it. My companion, however, had not learned the word for liver and halfway through asked me what it was. I told her it was…. beef. I guess her psychological taste buds got her through it and as soon as we were out of the house I said, “Hermana Im sorry I lied to you, that was not beef.” And she responded, “I knew it!!!” Hahaha. anyway, not the weirdest thingI’ve eaten but also not the tastiest haha.
Hermana Wyson

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