When it rains, it pours. When it suns, it burns

Really great week. It started off with a huge thunderstorm. I was with another sister, Hermana Castro, in her sector and we got into a visit about 5 minutes before the downpour. We basically were screaming at the lady over the loud bang of millions of rain drops coming down on the tiny house. Then all in a half second, the lights went out, the window lit up, and the loudest thunder I have ever experienced basically punched my heart into my throat. It was terrifying. But, all was over in a split second and we all just kinda sat there hoping the little old lady wouldnt faint or anything. Everything turned out okay! I guess that just proves how much power our message has…

 Later in the week we taught the family of Susana (she is a young widow with 6 little kids). We taught them the restoration and the Plan of Salvation and I know they felt that it is all true. To finish the second lesson we asked if anyone had questions- and everyone answered no. We left happily towards another appointment and a good while down the road two little girls (susana’s kids) came running down the street. The little one-trying to catch her breath- said that she had a question! This little 5 year old looked up and said, “Why did Jesus have to die?” What a wonderful inspired question! The answer was simple. Jesus died so that we can live again. He died to help us be happy and see our loved ones again. I know that He lives today and that no matter what happens, he still loves us.
Que se cuiden mucho,
Hermana Wyson
PS Shoutout to the Misión España Málaga for getting one more fighter on their team (love you linds!)

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