What you need to know about serving in Quito, Ecuador

A note to future Quito missionaries:

You should plan to bring
-anti-itch cream (a big tube)
-cold medication (it requires a prescription here)
-a hair dryer (for hair, wet shoes, incredibly cold house, etc)
-lots of face sunblock (the brand you like bc they dont have it here.)
-photos of you and your family
-a small light/flashlight for your bag
– skirts with room to grow (we eat too much rice)
– little stickies for scripture marking
– Suitcase with big, durable wheels (Ecuador has officially killed my little luggage)
-SD to USB converter (if you can get some sort of antivirus program on your flash it is worth it)
-flash drive with music (approved by mission president: Anything motab, EFY, lower lights, etc)
-two pairs of good shoes and a fancy pair for conferences
-US forever stamps to send letters when other americans go home (to take your letters for you)
-A couple journals (they only sell school notebooks here)
Well, there are probably more,but these are the main ones I think. Good luck!

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