What happens In Vegas, happens #ONLYinVEGAS!

Crazy week. Where do I start? How about with Friday-craziest day on my mission so far. For one, it was beautiful outside. Vegas is treating me well! We did our daily studies which includes an hour of personal study, an hour of companionship study, and an hour of language study. Then we met with some interesting people.

1) Kristina. She’s had a rough life and has a bunch of kids. She started the lesson by asking if she could smoke a joint on her “peace pipe.” Uhhhhh no? Apparently we looked terrified so she didn’t. That lesson was interesting. She has a lot of thoughts.

2) Jehovah’s Witness family. I guess we didn’t technically teach them, but we shared a video and gave them a pass along card. This family was seriously so nice and was happy to hear that we were spreading the good word of Christ.

3) Ronald. He’s a comedian and pastor of his own church. #onlyinvegas hahaha. He’s from Guatemala and is really nice-and funny, obviously. He’s in the midst of starting up his own church so I think that’s why he is so interested. Anyway, we shared the Restoration and the spirit was strong so we’ll see how the next lesson is.

That was all of the craziest from Friday. On Wednesday I had to eat something nasty. It was an argentine rice cake thing. It had beets, Apple, peas, carrots, parsley, celery, all mashed into a mix of rice mayonnaise and yogurt. Yum. Otherwise the food is awesome. Loving it.

Saturday we were drafted to help at a tri-stake activity for emergency preparedness. Mostly we wandered and smiled at people and I wished we would have been able to use our time to study or teach, but then I got to translate a class into Spanish! It went terrible because how do you say “soak the crushed wheat” in Spanish?? Poor little ladies! “Make wet the bread seeds” is basically what I said. Pray for them in case of an emergency hahaha!

Most of our days are filled with laughter and joy. Sometimes we don’t know what to say and sometimes no one answers the door, but the work is good! I’m loving Mormon 9:21 this week. Heavenly Father loves you!!!


Hermana Wyson

One thought on “What happens In Vegas, happens #ONLYinVEGAS!

  1. That Argentinian rice cake did sound a bit nasty! I love most all foods but that one might choke me. hehe
    Once you have completed your mission you should be able to take on any challenge!

    Love from the grands

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