Week of Wonders

What a week of wonders! I am learning more and more about how Heavenly Father works. He chooses someone to plant a seed, someone to water it, and someone to harvest the fruits. I’ll give two examples:

1. Andres and Yokasta. These two were just married 2 months ago! After the wedding they went on a trip around Ecuador to see what their country has to offer. At the national park at Cotopaxi volcano they met 3 mormon kids who all spoke spanish. However, one spoke like a spaniard, one like a mexican, and one with a brazilian accent. Andres thought that was so peculiar! As the 3 mormon kids from Utah and the newly weds became friends, they decided to travel to a few places as a group and over the days these good little RMs made sure to share the gospel. Yokasta and Andres thought it was so remarkable how clean and pure these boys were, but more than anything how happy they were! Long story short, the boys took down their address and promised that missionaries would come to share more. That’s where we come in. We were able to share about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. At the end of the lesson Yokasta said, “Wow. I know this Book will answer the questions we have.” People are prepared, people!
2. Betania. She is the niece of an investigator we have named Sonia. Betania is only 25 and came to Ecuador from Venezuela looking for work. She has passed through a lot lately and when we came to visit she shared what had helped her get through trials before. It was a little blue book which happened to be the same as the one we were talking about-the Book of Mormon! She says that when she was a young girl she found the book in her house to which her mother claims that “Some lady gave it me.” Betania would try to read every once in a while and enjoyed reading it, although she didn’t understand much of what was going on. Who is this woman that dropped off the Book of Mormon??? I love her!! Betania is starting to read the Book again and now understands better who wrote it why its here and its importance.
I am oh so lucky to have opportunities to harvest the work of others. For that reason, I love planting seeds. I would say most of missionary work is planting seeds. Giving out a pamphlet here, helping an old couple there, smiling, laughing, and sharing about the Gospel in every moment. Keep up the good work, and always be mindful of the potential you have to spread good.
Sister Wyson

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