We believe in the same organization that existed in the primitive church…

Today was the best P-day of my life. Why? Because I shook hands with Elder Christofferson, one of the 12 apostles of the true church! What a great experience. He talked to all the missionaries serving in Quito (about half of our mission and half of the north mission) and gave us specific instruction on how to help our investigators. I loved every second! I love that Heavenly Father sends his servants to guide us in these days. I just love it.

This past week was wonderful because Hermana Adams and I saw some fruits of our labor and were able to work with all of our hearts! We are both very new to the area and with that, we had  to learn where everyone lives: members, investigators, leaders, etc. We have a bunch of little maps that past sisters have drawn to show us where to go to find houses, however, this sector does not have very many street names. So, the maps are drawn with details such as off the main road there is a large mechanic shop and to the left of it there is a small street. About 2 blocks down the street there is a small store, an empty lot and then a small dirt road off to the side. Drawn halfway down the “road” is a little house with a star on it. It’s safe to say that our lives are a little bit like a large extended treasure hunt. The prize is finding the investigator and feeling very, very accomplished.
Thanks to all of our treasure hunting we were able to find many new families to teach this week. I think we taught the Restoration about 10 times. Nothing comes easy in the Mission world, but everything comes with joy.
Hope you have a great week. Happy Resurrection
Hermana Wyson

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