Water Allergies and Such

This week was a doozie! Really though it seems like we did so much but it whizzed by! Here are some of the most memorable parts:

On Friday we had an appointment to visit Lucila, a recent convert, with her visit teaching companion. In the church there is a program called “visiting teaching” for the women in which everyone has a companion and few women in the church to teach and visit every month. It is a great program and everyone is edified! Anyway, Lucila was paired with Fabiola. She is also from Otavalo and has been a member for many years. When we taught her Fabiola was able to translate for us from Quichua to Español. It was super helpful. When we told Lucila that she and Fabiola can go out to teach the other sisters together she had a huge smile and expressed how grateful she is to have a calling in the church and a wonderful companion! It was the cutest thing ever. May we all be grateful for the assignments we have from the Lord and the people around us!
One hilarious thing happened while we were at a doctors appointment with one of the missionaries. He was listing off things that he was allergic to (seafood, figs, some cheese, etc) while the doctor was noting it down. Then he says “oh, y tambien agua” Which means “also, water.” The doctor looked up and just said “okay elder, so what does the water do to you??!” Turns out the missionary meant to say “haba” which is a type of bean thing that we eat here. I was just grateful that we didnt have a case of a water allergy in the mission… haaha too good.
To finish the week I was assigned to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I had planned little by little during the week, so I was not too nervous about it. As missionaries we are always teaching anywhere from 10 to 45 mins anyway, so it was no big deal. THEN as the church started to fill the whole stake presidency walked in and sat next to me on the stand. I was grateful that I had prepared a good talk! THEN the mission President and his wife came in and he sat next to me as well. Good thing I looked nice! Good thing I had bunch of scriptures to use! THEN the area 70 Elder Caderòn walked into the chapel and sat up next to me. So, what used to be a calm and collected Hermana Wyson got up to give a talk in front of a general authority. cool. Luckily all went well and the Spanish was flowing just as I’d hoped. All I was doing was sharing what I know to be true. God lives, we have a prophet today, the temple is oh so important, and our families are God’s greatest design.
Hope all have a good week and remember their grand potential!
Hermana Wyson

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