Watching From The Sidewalk-Semana Santa and Soccer

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in a very Catholic city was super fun, and a little creepy, and unusual, but good. First of all, here in Ecuador they eat Fanesca, a special soup, for Easter. I guess its  made up of pretty much straight beans. 12 different types to be exact-representing the 12 apostles. I thought that was pretty neat. The soup was actually really tasty, except that they eat it with the saltiest of salty fish I could never imagine. That part was hard to down, but I did it! After the soup we had to eat Molo (mashed potatoes on a leaf of lettuce) and then higos which is a fruit that tastes pretty much like yams  (I think it’s a fig). It was a little too much, but I’m glad I did it.

I saw a real life Holy Week parade where the people gather  in a big group and carry around a statue of Christ on the Cross. They were singing or chanting something and throwing rose petals around. It was then that I realized I sure am in South America. lol They celebrate Christ’s death all week, but not really anything on Sunday. It was fascinating.

We contacted a young couple on the street earlier this week and visited them in their house later that night. Efficiency am I right? Anyway, turned out to be them, their two kids, and 2 brothers of the wife that live in the house. We taught about The Restoration and it was way awesome. Problem is that the oldest son is about to have his first communion so they couldnt make it to church (awkward, right?) However, the two brothers came!!! Yayay It was kinda funny because they are from the coast and look pretty thug, yet theyre still just little Ecuadorians. I can´t wait to keep teaching them and feeling the spirit.

Love you all,
Hermana Wyson
PS watch General Conference, it should be pretty swanky
Odalis, Jesus and Brigite
Odalis, Jesus and Brigite -Teaching these kids brings me so much JOY!
BEST Burger! It's a Shrimp Burger and it was amazing!
BEST Burger! It’s a Shrimp Burger and it was amazing!

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