Viva Nevada Las Vegas- West Mission :)

I am writing on Saturday since I will be traveling early Monday morning… Wowee! I have 2 days left in the MTC! Then I will head out to Las Vegas to wait for my visa to Ecuador. I am so pumped!! Or as we like to say in our zone, “Estoy muy Pumped!” haha we have a good time together. Our zone likes to play volleyball during gym time, so I’m learning lots of smack-talk phrases in Spanish. good stuff. My trio is the only companionship that is pure gringa. It’s funny because people are always surprised to see us in the zone (We are in a fluent district and we don’t do any language training at all–oh my!).

A couple days ago we were talking about Commandments and something really stuck out to me. My teacher said that God doesn’t care if we follow the rules. He doesn’t care that we don’t drink or go to church or whatever it may be. However, he does care that we can have joy. All He wants is our eternal happiness. He helps us feel this joy by giving us commandments. I know that as we follow them, we will experience the most joy in our lives.

I can’t wait to get out into the world!! This week will be a big one for sure.


Hermana Wyson

P.S. Is this picture artsy enough to get on the wall of the MTC?-probably not 🙁

My District
My District
Lots of Class time!
Lots of Class time!
Gym Time
Gym Time- I think photography skills should be a requirement for MTC teachers–am I right?

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