True Daughters of God

Happy Mother´s day! Yesterday was great and I love my family.

This week I learned some important lessons. For instance I learned that nothing can stop a true daughter of God from getting to church. Even when Elsa had to work from 7pm Saturday 7am Sunday she still came to Sunday meetings at 9. Even when her husband didn’t feel like it and even when it started to rain, she grabbed her 5 year old, her $2 umbrella and got on her way. That was awesome.
I also learned that sometimes the seeds that we plant are worth a world to people who later accept the gospel. We started teaching Miguel Calle (which translates to Michael Street, which funny enough is my uncle’s name). He is retired Ecuadorian Air Force and loves the church. He used to go every once in a while about 20 years ago while he was still in the military. He told us about a time that he went to a baptism in the church and that he will never forget it. I am grateful for every effort that every missionary puts in to be a light in people´s lives. We are planning Miguel´s own baptism now, and I know it will be the happiest day yet.
The most important thing I learned happened during my personal study one day while I was looking over notes from a past conference. When Elder Montoya (an area seventy) was here he told us that, “stress comes from wanting to do our own will.” I was so touched and know that this statement is true! If we put our trust in God, and do our very best to carry out his plan, I know that we will be happy. I know that we will not worry. Worry comes with disobedience and pride, happiness and calmness comes from doing what he wishes. I love my calling I cant wait to find more miracles this week.
Hermana Wyson

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  1. Thanks Brenna, I needed that today. I’ve been pretty worried about something lately. I think I need to get on my way and let the Lord worry about it.

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