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This week went by like lightning. Well, it went by with lightning too actually! Quito is apparently starting “winter” which means you get sunburned during the day and then poured on tremendously at night. Its fun except for the fact that you have to layer and layer and carry rain protection even when its 80 degrees out.

We are also entering the months of celebration here in Quito! They don’t really celebrate Halloween, but at the end of October/early November they all make colada morada to celebrate something. It’s this purple drink that is made with lots of fruits, seasonings, and usually abundant cinnamon. And they eat it with bread shaped like a baby. I am still confused on why Ecuadorians do this, but I really enjoyed it so I’ll keep asking and update you next week. haha.

Other than the bipolar weather and new foods, Quito is also rockin it with the missionary work. We are finding so many people to teach! The problem is that as the nurses we don’t have too much time to proselyte so we find that phone calls and 5 min visits are our best friends. haha. We had planned to stop by Imelda’s this week and honestly I just did not want to go. It was so strange. I love her and her family, but they have not been progressing and like to fight about small doctrinal concepts (“is this what Jesus’ face really looks like?”), and we ended the last lesson focused not so much on the Plan of Salvation but on whether or not we have the ability to “see dead people.” So, all night I was not too thrilled about the fact that we might not be able to keep visiting them . However, my companion made me go and when we got there she and her daughter were organizing all the furniture/washing machines in her laundromat. She was so relieved to see us and gave me a big, big hug. I was surprised-Imelda is not one for hugs. haha. Anyway, I learned that this work is not about me. Heavenly Father knows when his children need a visit or an abrazo. I should probably leave this work up to him.

Keep at it and Leave it all on the track!

Hermana Wyson

Mormòn 9:28

3 generations of missionaries Hna Sjovold, Wyson, Solar
3 generations of missionaries Hna Sjovold, Wyson, Solar
Colada Morada Me Baby!
Colada Morada Me Baby!

One thought on “This place is Lit!

  1. Always enjoy hearing about your experiences.
    I am happy they, “have” you.
    It is strange the things many focus on as important ..(Jesus’ face, etc. )
    Imagine the concept of salvation!

    Challenges are deep.
    Most cultures are not,… sans deep suffering maybe?

    The spirit is there.

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