This Mission is Trippin’!

What do missionaries do when the whole city leaves???? Well, not much. Okay that’s not entirely true, but it is just so much harder to find people. This week Ecuador had 5 days of vacation from Wednesday to Sunday, so everyone and their mom went out of town. Even the doctors were gone, so we had no appointments in the hospital, and no appointments for teaching. However, as we searched diligently we found two new families to teach and ended up in the right places at the right times.

The thing is, doctors being gone does not take away missionary health issues. This week all the missionaries were trippin. But literally. One elder called Monday that he was running to his house because the phone was about to die and he needed to make an important call to the Zone Leaders. He fell and thought he may have broken his hand. Then the next day a sister was running home to be in the house by 9:30pm (i.e. keep the  mission rules or die 🙂 when she fell hard on her elbow and may have had a few tiny fractures. Then on Wednesday, to top it off, a sister was walking down some steep stairs when she saw “a beautiful old lady walking towards her” and lost her balance down the stairs…hahahaha She had an ankle the size of a grapefruit. Luckily none needed medical attention (and good thing because no one was here to help them anyway)!
We will have a baptism soon and we are meeting lots of interesting people and I am sure I will be telling stories of them in the coming weeks. Hope you all have a great week filled with opportunities to do good and to trust in the Lord.
Love You!
Hermana Wyson
Halloween with Charito, hna Sjovold, Martha, me. Any excuse to dress like the Natives!
Halloween with Charito, Hna Sjovold, Martha, me. Any excuse to dress like the Natives!

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