The Rat, The Dog and the Rain

Feliz Navidad amigos! This has been the shortest most longest week of my life. I don’t know how that works, but it’s true. We were able to have the zone Christmas Dinner at President Christensen’s home on Wednesday and it was simply wonderful! I got to see my old companions Sister Sjovold and Mosquera because they came to give everyone the flu shot! That made me so so happy. I’ll send a picture of Hermana Sjovold with her cute nurse hat and injection.

The rest of the week was hilarious. I’ll tell a few of the things that happened:
First off, we went to go see an investigator named Alicia, but as we got to the house she was on her way out to an appointment. Before walking away, a very old lady came out looking for a “strong young man” to help her move the stove in her kitchen. Hermana Riley and I quickly offered our services! However, as we walked into the humble little home the lady started mumbling something about a rat and her stove other things I couldn’t make out. Lo and behold, what she really needed was someone to get the rat out of her house that was underneath the stove top. haha! So, Hermana Riley lifted it up and I was standing ready with a broom to shoo it outside. Let me tell you, that rat was ginormous. It was terrifying, but luckily everything worked out fine and all I could do for the next half hour was laugh at how crazy that situation was. ahhhhh I will never forget the crazy old rat lady.
Second, I decided this week to take photos of all the dogs that follow us or look like they want to eat us. It was a good idea until I thought to take a selfie with a little dog that followed us down the road to a member’s house. I guess the dog took the selfie to mean more than I anticipated because after I stood up it got really close to me. So, I moved away naturally to avoid getting fleas just when he lifted up his leg and STARTED TO URINATE ON ME. I jumped and scolded my dog friend. Like, what in the world! You don’t do that to your friends!!! Luckily my skirt was dry and I think I jumped just in time. oh my.
Thirdly, I was able to do exchanges with Hermana Echegaray, a sweet Peruvian sister serving here in Ambato. We had planned soooo many lessons and I was very excited. However, just as missionary life seems to go, no one invited us in because of multiple reasons. We ended up knocking doors and talking to people in the street the whole day. And to top it off, it rained for a good 5 hours in the afternoon. To be honest it was a very hard day. I was trying to be an example to a new sister, and everything seemed to fail. However, at the end of the day we had contacted some very prepared people who we have since been able to teach. I know that everything happens for a reason and that Heavenly Father has higher thoughts than we do. Bring it on, Ambato!
Hope you laugh lots this week!
Hermana Wyson
Happy to get a Flu shot from this cute nurse-Hermana Sjovold!
Happy to get a Flu shot from this cute nurse-Hermana Sjovold!
The Dog
The Dog

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