The Fruits of Our Labor

Well, well, well! Guess what! We spent another P-day with the nurses haha. This time they came to us so that we could all go enjoy some waterfalls in Baños. It was a beautiful day. I love Ecuador and I love my companions!!

This week Sister Beutler and I learned that this life is no easy test. We found joy in doing the Lord’s work as we helped many people in hard times. One memorable moment was when we felt like we should go visit Elsa. She is an active member of the church and has been for many years. She lives by herself and we had never visited her before. When we got to her house we had planned to talk about the First Vision and ask for referrals, however, after talking for a few minutes she explained that she was going through a hard time and did not have any desire to go church this week. She said something  very important that everyone thinks that members like her are always okay only because they come to church. Nevertheless, she says, “we also have trials. We are not always okay.” That struck me like a bag of ladrillos because I usually forget that everyone needs to be treated with lots of love. I hope to be able to help all people come unto Christ- members, nonmembers, everyone.
Another member this week had us over for lunch. We had just been invited to a bunch of cookies and jello, so we were hoping for a small lunch. However, she gave us a soup, and a large plate full of noodles, rice, and a little bit of meat. I was struggling trying to finish the whole thing, but prayer works and my stomach grew miraculously. The funny thing was that during the meal she had a friend over who was amazed that we cleared the plate. This sister started telling her friend that we as missionaries are obliged to finish all of the food on the plate, and that we “are good cultured young people who will eat even if it is terribly nasty.” Little did she know how much I was suffering hahaha. Sometimes it is worth making the members feel good. Well actually, it is always worth it.
I love the mission.

Hermana Wyson

Some fruit called "chonta" that an investigador gave us. yum
Some fruit called “chonta” that an investigador gave us. yum

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