The Chicken in the Rain

Wow it has been a wet week here in Latacunga. It started out hailing ice the size of marbles and then poured for a few hours. Luckily there is very minimal flooding here… the streets are prepared for that sort of thing. Then again this Sunday we walked from a lesson to a member´s house and it started to downpour. We could have taken a taxi but I figured it would stop in a few minutes and we were pretty close. Boy, how I was wrong. basically once we got to the house we were so wet the member told me I looked like a pollo and drove us home to change. Tender mercies.

I have witnessed such poverty and humility here. This week the church organized a donation to give to the people suffering on the coast. Our ward was in charge of Flour and oil and each member was to give 2kilos of flour and 1/2Liter of oil. We had a lesson with María who is such a sweet humble mom of 5. After the lesson she gave us her tithing (on the $7 she made that weekend) and a bag with 2kilos of flour and 1liter of oil. I just about cried. Miracles come when we put the Lord first, I just know it!

I love that Jesus teaches in parables because they are so fun and we love to use them as missionaries. As you remember, I have to take a lot of buses and one thing that happens a lot is that the bus is moving while the door is open. Whenever that occurs there’s this robot voice that says ‘atención puerta abierta`which means ‘attention: door open’a nd it repeats it over and over until it closes. We had a lesson with an investigator named Carolina on Friday and explained that baptism is the gate into the Kingdom of God. Later that day the elders had a baptism so we went to support and it was all so beautiful. I couldn’t help myself but to lean over to my companion after the ordinance and whisper ‘atencion puerta abierta’. hahahahaha oh my too funny and too true. I love to see the doors of heaven open to those who are willing to make covenants.
I Love The Gospel!
Hermana Wyson
Por Que el Pollo Salir Bajo la Lluvia? hint: the answer is because the miracles are pouring down all around us!
Por Que el Pollo Salir Bajo la Lluvia? hint: The answer is because the miracles are pouring down all around us!

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