Take two Oreos with Milk and call me in the morning…

I am so happy!!!! This week was a blast and I am feeling the spirit so much. What a blessing to be a missionary! One really awesome thing comes from my old home, Latacunga. My old companion Hermana Solar wrote me a note and told me that she’s teaching a family that she and I had found just before I left. The story is actually pretty cool because we were on our way to a lesson (and kinda late), but we saw on the side of the road a young mother with a baby on her back and her two little kids (3-5yrs old). She was pulling on one side of a huge bag of potatoes with her little ones pulling the other side. I was amazed! Sadly, they weren’t moving much so my companion and I jumped right in to help. I tell you this bag was about 150lbs I was dying. Was that 3yr old stronger than me? Anyway, we carried the potatoes into her house and then introduced ourselves. While we were talking a little her kids grabbed onto me and my companion and looked up us as if we were so special. I wanted to teach them so much, so hearing that she is reading the Book of Mormon and looking forward to baptism makes me the happiest ever!

This week as a nurse we had some pretty interesting things happen. Some missionaries are tough and only call us when they literally can’t move or are on the verge of death, and others call us every half hour. One Elder texted on Friday and said ‘what is an eye-twitch and how do I get rid of it?’ Oh my…. we told him the best remedy is a couple of oreos, milk, and a few blinks. He replied ‘best medicine ever.’
Another Elder had to have knee surgery this week-which is rare because usually the missionaries have to go home to get surgery like that. However, he is currently working in the offices so he can rest for a few weeks while doing a desk job. This Elder told us that he was nervous because whenever he gets blood taken he faints. We didn’t really think much of it because mostly everyone says that. However, he had a torn meniscus he needed to get an epidural for the sugery. Any mother or nurse or Dr. knows how big that needle is…. After the surgery the doctor told us they were all good and set until this Elder saw the needle and fainted at the sight. They ended up putting him on general anesthetic hahaha. Thankfully, he is recovering now and should be good to work in a couple weeks.
I am always on the phone. Usually prescribing ibuprofen or pepto-bismol. All is good in the world. Thanks for the prayers.
Hermana Wyson
I balance an Egg on a nail at MITAD DEL MUNDO! I love being in Both Quito and Quito Norte Missions!

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