Sisters Day at the Lago

This week we were barely in our area at all because we had a bunch of missionary meetings. First in Quito (gahhh I love Quito and we ate McDonalds and it was heavenly), then two days in Ambato (the city right under the exploding volcano it’s not exploding anymore though.) All this traveling means we took hours of buses. Funny thing about the bus is that sometimes they’ll play music and sometimes they’ll have a movie playing. On one bus they had a spanish soap opera and literally the whole bus was engaged in the show. I’m pretty sure it was about high school but the 45yr old  man behind me found it utterly fascinating. Too good!

Also today for Pday all of the Sisters in the zone went to Lake Quilatoa and it was sa-weet! The lake is actually a volcanic crater which is apparently dormant and is such a beautiful color blue. I acsolutley loved it. Ecuador rocks.

On Saturday we were supposed to teach a new investigator who we met on the street a few days earlier. We called and he said he would meet us at a certain corner and bring us to the house. But, he never showed up. That happens too often here… I think its because the people are too nice they dont want to say no. Anyway, we decided to visit someone random who lived nearby and as we were walking a lady came up and said “Hermana Elderes! come with me I want you to teach my family” That doesnt happen everyday! haha Turns out she is a member of the church, but doesnt have much of a testimony so we are working with her. The key is to read the Book of Mormon!! I swear -if all of the people we teach would just read the book and pray about it (like they say they will 🙂 we would have 10 baptisms weekly. This book is powerful and I hope all can know it!

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, I was reading Mosiah 14 this week to remember easter and the resurrection and all and I just fell in love with this chapter. It’s short and powerful and basically shoots you through the heart. May we all remember this week what Christ did for us and the joy we may have because of it.

Love your Life,

Hermana Wyson

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Hermanas Day at the Lake
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Hna Solar Selfie
We found this little rascal in the dumpster!
We found this little rascal in the dumpster! These kids are too cute!

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