Shake, Rattle and Roll

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This week we had a few more earthquakes (or like they say here, shakings). The first shaking was it 3am on Wednesday Morning and, well, I sleep on the top bunk so Im not sure if I woke up from the movement or the sound of my bed slamming against the wall, but either way I got up and my companion got up and we were both super dazed but also full of adrenaline. She ran out to the other room and then told me we had to leave and darted toward the stairwell. She’s my companion so I had to follow her, obviously and seriously the 5 flights of stairs felt like 2 we got down so fast. Most of the building was waiting on the bottom floor. Luckily I always sleep in plenty of clothing and socks, but it was kinda funny to see people in their pajamas without shoes or anything. Anyway, all is well and we are receiving lots of training and emergency supplies for the mission.
Apart from earthquakes a few other weird things happened this week. I met a member of the church and his baby Salamander which he illegally keeps in his house, ate McDonalds in a Chinese Vegetarian restaurant, and contacted a man who thinks hes a living-day prophet! The best was when we ran into a parade of some sort going on outside of a Catholic church. The men dress in freaky masks and the women in pretty dresses and traditional clothing. These are just some of the little things that make Missionary Work that much more interesting.
However, the best moments on the mission are those when the chapel is full, when we find new people to teach, and when in a humble home in Ecuador the Spirit testifies to our investigators. I think I mentioned Alba in my last email. She’s the one who surprised me by coming to church last Sunday when I least expected it. This week we visited her and she straight up asked us, “And what happens if I choose not to be Mormon?” Good question! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. That God loves us all and also requires that we make covenants with him, like baptism. We taught that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a refuge and a source of peace and knowledge here on the Earth. And mostly, we taught that when we put God first and act on the feelings of the Spirit, that he is pleased and will bless us beyond measure in this life and in the life to come. So, I think that’s what you would lose if you chose not to be Mormon.
With mucho amor from Ecuador,
Hermana Wyson
I live with 3 Hermanas at the Mission Headquarters. We have 12 mattresses in our room!
I live with 3 Hermanas at the Mission Headquarters. We have 12 mattresses in our room!
Reppin' the Cougars for our middle-of-the-night shake-up!
Reppin’ the Cougars for our middle-of-the-night shake-up!
Hanging With My Hermanas
Hanging With My Hermanas
Eating at John's Place
Eating at John’s Place

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences . It looks like a wonderful and fun mission…stay safe!
    Dixie Lee Summers

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