Primer Month Complete!

I loved my mission. Best month of my life… Of my life. Lol jokes. This month has been crazy awesome though! I’ve learned so much and met SO MANY people. There are a few things from this week I’d like to share. We have an investigator named grace and she is very intimidating. She doesn’t understand why there can only be one right church. I get where she’s coming from, so it feels good to teach her about he priesthood and ordinances. I love this church. Anyway, Grace is funny because she is from Costa Rica but likes to speak in English with us. Her favorite phrase is “what is?!” And it’s usually out of anger: I don’t like churches where they talk about things other than God. WHAT IS?!?!? Hahaha she’s funny.

This week we met Nayeli who’s straight outta Mexico. She has two boys and is so cute. She accepted to be baptized and even came to church.We are working hard to get her ready for her baptism and she loves being taught. I just love when Heavenly Father sends us prepared people to teach it’s awesome.

Hahaha so on our way to dinner on Friday we were driving and singing “Scripture Power” because we were about to teach someone about the Book of Mormon. We were just getting to the good part of the song when all of a sudden we see flashing blue white and red lights in the rear-view. whoops! My companion got pulled over  -but no worries she was only going just a little over the speed limit and he didn’t give us a ticket or anything. We should have sung for him. Speaking of singing, the missionaries are in the ward choir here. We have a small choir. We sound terrible. I think our motto is “pick your own note and go for it.” I feel so bad but sometimes I just can’t handle it and start laughing. I’m trying to hide it though. Ahh man if only you could hear.

Okay lastly there was a stake women’s conference and Elaine S. Dalton came to speak! She was the president of all the young women of the church (in the whole world) for most of my YW years. She spoke on virtue and covenants. It was perfect. One thing I loved is that all the women on the earth today are elect. We all have the power to be made pure through the atonement. No one has gone too far to be washed clean and return again to live with our Father in Heaven. I know that’s true and testify that the atonement is real. Christ loves us and wants us to be pure. There is happiness in chastity and peace in righteous thoughts.

Love you,

Hermana Wyson

Conference with Sister Dalton
Conference with Sister Dalton

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