Pouring Out Blessings

Dear All,

I am doing so well thanks for the thoughts and prayers, I hope no one worried too much about me. Our earthquake story is kind of embarrassing -so its the worst when everyone asks you where you were during the shaking. We usually don’t eat dinner here because we have about 1500 cal in lunch and only eat a fruit or two in the night time. However, I lost a bet to my companion so I had to buy her pizza. So, Saturday night we were walking to a lesson and decided to eat some pizza real quick. As soon as we walked into the store all the lights shut off except for one emergency light that pointed to the exit. Then we felt the earth moving around. It was really just a minute or so of rolling back and forth. We ended up walking to our lesson in pitch black because all the street lights were out. Luckily I had a little flashlight so all was well. I think everyone in Latacunga was outside of their houses on the streets. People were really shook up here, but all we can do is put our trust in Heavenly Father that everything happens because it has to.
This week was full of craziness-which Im starting to learn is not actually crazy, but normal mission life. For instance we took a bus to Pujili ( a little city about 30min away) to visit a recent convert, Marta. We found her house luckily thanks to lots of kind direction-givers and a patient taxi driver. While we were teaching the sky started to dump water on Pujili and all we had were a couple thin wind-breakers. As we finished the lesson the rain stopped absolutley and then out came a magnificent rainbow. How much more perfect can you get? I’m living a dream for real.
It’s always hard to have a lesson fall through, but we are finding the miracles! I love the peoplOne night we couldn’t find the house of a new investigator. We were so excited to teach them but after we gave up looking we found a couple of kids (brother and sister about 7yrs old) carrying some heavy packages of soda and water. We helped them up to their house and they thanked us quietly. So cute. I know Heavenly Father is watching out for them.
The Book of Mormon is so true and I found great solace in reading it this week. I hope all can enjoy the message it contains and the revelation found within it. Never forget the importance of the scriptures!
Hermana Wyson
Cows+Rainbows =Happy Hermana #Ithoughtitwasfunnyandmycompanionwasterrified
Cows+Rainbows =Happy Hermana #Ithoughtitwasfunnyandmycompanionwasterrified
Latacunga, Home of the Famous Mama Negra Parade #Ithoughtitwasfunnyandmycompanionwasterrified
Latacunga, Home of the Famous Mama Negra Parade #Ithoughtitwasfunnyandmycompanionwasterrified–seems to be a thing…

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