Otavalo, Utahvalo… what’s the diff?

I had a pretty great week and we ended it all with a baptism, so there´s pretty much no better feeling. Lucila was baptized Saturday Morning and it was a very special little service. It was only us missionaries, a few members, and the mission President´s wife, Hermana Christensen. My companion and I dressed up in indigenous clothes from Otavalo because Lucila is from there and always dresses like that. Luckily Cecilia Cachiguango (our member friend) helped us put on the skirt and jewelry and everything. Did you know its really just two pieces of fabric and its all held up by a belt that you have to tie really tight on the waist. It was reassuring when Cecilia said “okay, all done hermanas! I hope it doesnt fall off.” I hoped not too!! But, everything worked out just fine. It was so fun! And I felt like a total princess. Plus, Lucila loved it. Everyone says we´re from “Utahvalo” lol. After the baptism Lucila bore her testimony in Quechua and although I did not understand hardly anything I felt the Spirit so strongly and I know that everyone in the room felt the same.

Another time this week Hermana Sheldon and I were waiting to get on the trolley bus when I felt like I needed to talk to a girl standing there. I was about to say hello when Hermana SHeldon started talking even before me! Turns out she was heading to the hospital to visit a sick friend and needed a little more hope in her life. We gave her a pamphlet and our number. Little experiences make the mission so very awesome.
Also tomorrow there are a few missionaries finishing the mission. One of them called us on Saturday and tells us that he sliced his head on a metal pole! WHAT. We kept saying, “you couldn´t just hold on for a couple more days, elder??” I was just so worried that his mom will see him in 2 days and flip a lid. Luckily it turned out to be small enough to heal on its own, and he can cover it enough with his hair. Im praying his mom doesn’t even notice.
The mission is so so good and I love being here to see the spiritual progress of others and of myself. Stay safe, read the Book of Mormon, and watch out for random metal poles!
Hermana Wyson
Lucila's Baptism
Lucila’s Baptism
My Zone- La Colòn
My Zone- La Colòn

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