Onto Ambato- I can see three volcanoes from my house!


Buenas Tardes y feliz Lunes! I hope all is well and that the Christmas season is making you all happy! I am so grateful for this time and have noticed that more people are prepared to receive the gospel during this month. We have been sharing the new video Light the World with lots of people because it is so sweet! I love that we can all follow Christ’s example wherever we may be. This week my companion herman Sjovold gave me a small candy with a note everyday to start the 25 days of Christmas. She is the kindest ever. As a zone we started the month off by going to the main Plaza and singing christmas Hymns for an hour Thursday night. We drew quite a few people over and were able to talk to lots of families! It was a good night, and it felt good to get out and make people happy.

We got to talk to Sonia (the recent convert) this week because she found a great job! However, the boss required her to work on Sundays. Sonia persisted and tried to ask for the day off, but her boss didn’t understand at first. We talked to her about putting God first always and she expressed that the thought of working on Sunday “brought sadness to her heart.” We know she felt the Spirit. On Sunday, she had a meeting with her boss who agreed to give the day off so that she could keep the commandments. I am so happy.

It’s always hard to leave a place, the people, the companion that you have loved so much, but life as a missionary helps us to progress by change! This week I am writing from Ambato, Ecuador with my new companion Sister Riley. She is from Utah (my first!) and is very sporty, hardworking, and tall! I am grateful to be with her. Let’s get some work done!
Have a great week!
Hermana Wyson
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Last day with Hermana Sjovold at the hospital in Quito


At church with Sonia!

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