No Good Deed Goes Unrecognized- Not even if you drive a bus!

We had a week of traveling!!!! Woohoo Sounds great but it actually means a total of 18 hours in bus and lots of eating snacks for lunch. My favorite part of the ride was coming home from Ambato. We were about 3 hours into the ride and then we stopped on the side of the road to pick up more passengers. I was half asleep at this point, and when I looked outside I saw some Ecuadorian man next to a bush relieving his waters…. I just thought “oh, Ecuador….” Then that very man walked up to the bus and got in the driver’s seat. It was our bus driver!!!! That made the experience even funnier. Getting on the bus was pretty stressful. With these giant busses and the masses of people pushing to board, I’ve figured out that the best way is to let my backpack get caught up in the crowd and drag me onto the bus-works every time!
The whole purpose this week was to go around Ecuador teaching the members (mamitas) how to cook for the missionaries and also teaching First Aid to the missionaries like we’ve been doing. During the member training we teach them to use clean water, cook their meats completely, etc. and we also focus on the blessings which they receive for serving the missionaries. We like to share Alma 10:7-9 where the woman gives a meal to the prophet. I have been thinking a lot about this story and about the mamitas and I have been so so grateful for the efforts of the people in my life. I know that no good deed goes unrecognized in the heavens, and that Heavenly Father fills our needs when we fill the needs of others.

Were also able to find a new family to teach! I am absolutely loving missionary work and find joy in serving the Lord. I love Ecuador and I think everyone should come someday. It’s the absolute best.


Hermana Wyson

PS. My companion this week told me I am “a chunk of brown sugar.” Oh wow, how sweet..#languagebarrier

The Training Squad
The Training Squad
Teaching the basics
Teaching the basics

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  1. Thank you for your emails, Brenna. They are a delight to read. I DO want to come to Equador some day, and then I want to take a boat to Galapagos Islands. Maybe we can make it a family reunion trip eh? (probably not)

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