My Norwegian is coming along-For En Uke!

Yep we’re a trilingual companionship. My new companion, Hermana Sjovold, just got here from the Mexico MTC where she was learning Spanish because she only speaks English and Norwegian….. what. hahaha Yep she’s straight norwegian and I love it. Lucky for me she is also super awesome and loves being here. I am training her to be the new mission nurse and we are having lots of fun on the way. Today we learned how to get an elder vaccinated against rabies after a dog bite he got last week.  It is also fun to be two white girls in a not very white place. Hermana Sjovold is so happy and says hi to everyone. This week we passed by a young man and she said “Hollo good morning!” and he responds, “Hello! Youre beautiful! Good morning!” hahaha It was just like that one scene in Frozen where the prince ran into Ana. ahhh so awkward. love it.

We were able to visit Lucila the recent convert this week. She is progressing in learning to read and write and goes above and beyond with the homework she has. The night we taught her the lights were out in her house. So, we lit a candle, sang a hymn, and shared the gospel in the tiniest little home Ecuador ever did see. It was such a humbling experience. We were so happy and felt the Spirit. In this world we don’t really need many of the things we think we do. It’s not necessary to have a large home, a fancy car, or even light in the house. We can all be happy wherever we are and whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. Remember that Jesus came not to redeem us in our fallen state, but to redeem us from our fallen state. I love the work!
Lots of Love,
Hermana Wyson

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