Maldita Tentaciòn


The first week of a new change is always a blast. My new companion and I started off our relationship being stuck in the house for 48 hours straight. Now that is called bonding time. Luckily, I think she is hilarious and we get along great. On Monday and Tuesday we decided to paint a nasty-looking table that we found in the house into a beautiful lily pad pond. woohoo!

Once we started proselyting on Wednesday we started to find our true potential as a companionship. We had some very powerful lessons and some very hilarious street encounters. First, the hilarious part: One day we were contacting families in the street and found a cute couple with their two little boys. We introduced ourselves and started conversing about our message and getting their information down. The boys started whispering and when the mom asked what happened this little 6 year old boy said, “well, its just that you two look like twins!!!! But, she (pointing at Hermana Barraclough) looks like Maldita Tentaciòn!” hahaha that means Cursed Temptation. Apparently its some character in a soap opera that this kid like to watch. Now I refer to my companion as Sister cursed temptation.

Now the good juicy spiritual stuff! For one, we have been working so hard in this sector to prepare people for baptism and Satan is mad. We walked into a lesson with Alicia (a young single mother) this week and she said that she couldn’t meet with us anymore because her family is not in agreement with her decision to be baptized. However, she decided to pray about it and now knows what Heavenly Father thinks about the matter (he thinks she should keep learning and going to church). Thats the most important! Then we taught Irene and her husband Jorge. They seemed to be doing well until Jorge also said that he does not want anything to do with us and our message. We talked to him about his family and that them being parent of 6 kids really need to consult with Heavenly Father before putting too much confidence in other people (even ourselves). I think that touched his heart and by the end of the lesson he invited us back another day.  Basically our investigadors are facing a lot of opposition these days, but that doesn’t phase us or them!

Keep fighting and dont give in to cursed temptations!
Hermana Wyson
Our Carnaval Excitement...
Our Carnaval Excitement…
Hermana Wyson and Hermana Barraclough
Hermana Wyson and Hermana Barraclough

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