Making Friends with Quito Norte-a new companion and assignment!

Hi! I had a crazy good week and I’m going to have a crazy few months. Here’s what happened…we had emergency transfers and I am currently serving in a trio with the nurse of the Quito Norte mission- haha what?  I’m here for three weeks in the offices and learning to be a nurse. Then in 3 weeks my companion will come from Colombia. She is a nurse. I will train her for 3 weeks, she will go to the MTC for 3 weeks, and then finally I will be back in my area with the new Colombian nurse all ready to work as normal. AHHHH so crazy. I am really excited to serve in this way and I think I’ll learn a lot to prepare me not only for the mission but my future career. I have only a few minutes to write today so I’ll share something quick and save the rest for later:

One cool thing this week is that at church I was talking to one of the members, Alex. He’s from Otavalo and has a cute indigenous wife and they sell artesanal things here in Quito. The wife is Evangelican and likes to argue with us missionaries over the doctrines in the Bible and whatnot. Alex told me that he has been praying everynight that she can have patience with us missionaries and eventually let us into her heart. This Saturday we went to teach them and she was actually starting to agree with a few things we say. I know it’s something little but I can just feel the Spirit speaking to her heart every time we come. The power of prayer is real.
Stay Strong and Pray for Miracles,
Hermana Wyson

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