Living next to the sun!!

What a crazy week  I think I suffered a bit from culture shock moving from the capitol city… but I am loving Ambato!  My companion is Sister Riley from Orem and we have friends in common. We can see three volcanoes from our place Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, y Chimborazo!

Here are some great things that happened in my new area:

1. We did the best service project ever. A sister in a neighboring ward owns a chocolate factory! She received an order of some 8,000 bars for a christmas party. She alone could not finish in time so in came the missionaries! We cut, wrapped, sealed, and packed chocolate for 2 hours. The only problem was that we had to cover our hair and all she had for me was a legit swim cap. I didn’t want to send a picture, but here it goes. The best part was that if a chocolate happened to be broken, we ate it! ahhhh best. service. ever.
2. I think the trickiest part about moving into a new house is figuring out how the shower works. On Tuesday I showered in ice cold water and told Hermana Riley that I did not know how to work the thing. She taught me, but when she went to shower it was also freezing! noooooo. So after talking to the landlord he said he could check it out Monday. Our little tweeks and water heater tricks didn’t do anything, so we just prayed. Then we for real experienced a miracle because on Thursday night I turned on the hot water for the sink and it magically heated up. Then the shower was hot too! I dont know how he does it, but Heavenly Father works wonders for his children.
3. We had a bit of a challege this week finding people to teach. We contacted in the street, knocked doors, and asked for referrals like animals. It was exhausting and the sun came down like fire. However, Heavenly Father blessed us for our diligence when yesterday we were able to teach a new family- The Martinez family! They are a cute young couple with two kids. They had only a few minutes, so we had to rush through the Restoration message and left them with a cliff-hanger. As we were going the mom wanted to ask us more and promised to read the pamphlet. We are so grateful for little tender mercies.
Missionary work is so worth it. Merry Christmas!
Hermana Wyson
Hermana Riley is my new companion.
Hermana Riley is my new companion.

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