Leaving Las Vegas!

It’s here! The day we’ve all been waiting for, my visa came! I fly out to Quito next Monday the 22nd and its crazy! I’m going with another elder that came to Vegas also, so luckily I won’t be alone the whole time. Plus, there will probably be more missionaries heading out. I really am going to miss Las Vegas. This mission has been so good to me. The weather is perfect, my companions are perfect, and I’ve met some great people.
Speaking of people, we couldn’t meet with Betty this week because she had some family issues :(. So we have to push back her baptism until next week so we can teach her everything she needs. That means I’ll miss it by a couple days. Sad. But I am beyond happy for her, so all is well. She has such a strong testimony and doesn’t doubt because she sees the big picture. She’s an example to me.
We also had a cool experience with Nayeli. She just came to the U.S. in January and is starting to learn English and get out of the house more. That’s great, but it makes it harder to meet with her haha. Anyway, we asked her to pray about her baptism because she wants to wait to be baptized with her aunt (but that won’t be for a year or so). Obviously we hope she chooses to be baptized this month because she is so ready and will get to receive the blessings of baptism and confirmation sooner. Anyway, we went over yesterday night because she hadn’t come to church and we wanted to see what was up. She was so cute and told us she’s been reading and praying. We are praying too, Nayeli! Keep it up. We shared Alma 37:6 because by small and simple things she will see great miracles. For real.
This past Monday we went to Death Valley!! Woohoo #california. The funniest part is that it’s actually part of our area… We would have gone Tracting if we were in our skirts haha.  It was actually so pleasant there, and the landscape is fascinating. I’ll send a few pictures.
One day this week we went to a park to find people to teach. Contacting is kinda fun because everyone is so different! You really never know who you’re going to run into. Anyway we talked to a few people and none were interested in talking to us, so we decided to head toward the car to drive to a couple of potential investigator’s houses. Little did we know the whole time we were walking around this cute old Mexican man had been watching us hoping we’d come over. He says he kept thinking “vengan pa acá, vengan pa acá” which means “come over here come over here” and eventually we walked right past him! He said he was so surprised because we were even speaking in Spanish! It was funny because we had accidentally walked the wrong direction to the car, so we really were lead over to him without knowing it. This little old man moved here in Oct. and hasn’t been to church in a while, but wants to come back and be worthy to enter the temple again. So grateful for little miracles throughout the week.
I am so excited for Ecuador, but LV has been so so good to me. Heavenly Father answers prayers and loves all of his children!
Keep Praying,
Hermana Wyson
At Church with the Elders
At Church with the Elders
Death Valley P-DAY
Death Valley P-DAY

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