If Cotopaxi starts erupting, run the other way!

I made it! I am serving in Latacunga, Ecuador!  I got here Monday at 11pm and got to meet some of the sisters who were flying home- it was so weird! They kept saying how jealous they were that I am starting my mission because it is the best! That got me so pumped! Then we had a couple days of training before leaving to our areas. The quote of the week came from one of the APs  “If you see a volcano exploding, run the other way, thats a rule in our mission” lol but for real. Latacunga lies in the valley only 20 miles from the very active Cotopaxi volcano! I haven’t been able to see the top yet because there is often cloud cover. There are the two of us sisters and two elders in the district. I live in el centro where all the shops are, above a shop of some sort. Our apartment is large for just the two of us.

My companion is Hermana Solar from Los Angeles -Chile!! She is so so cute and confident and patient, I love having a native Spanish speaking companion. I am so grateful that I know Spanish and I think my companion is too haha (because she tells me constantly). People mostly think its cool that I’m from the US. and almost everyday some Ecuadorian man yells *hellooooo* to me hahaha.

We ate cacao this week. It’s the fruit that we get chocolate from, but we didnt eat the cocoa part… you just suck on the little white insides. i dont have a pic of the inside but the little sacks look like a fatty raw chicken breast-look it up! It was yummy though! And about food, we have a lady that cooks lunch for us everyday and it is SO good. The problem is that its usually about 4 lbs plus a tall glass of juice so I feel like I’m on *hermana vs. food* everyday. lol I had an entire fried fish on top of a pile of rice for lunch one day!

A highlight this week was that we taught a really cool family where the Bishop’s father-in-law accepted to be baptized. His daughter was a big part in his decision because she explained to him her desire to be an eternal family. She had waited so long for his heart to be softened and now is the time! She cried, he cried, we cried, it was so good!  But for real the spirit is so strong in those lessons because it’s all true! We really can be eternal families-how cool is that?
My last week in vegas was pretty great too. The weather was gorgeous, and not too many people cancelled our lessons woohoo! The days zipped by and I really do miss my Rainbow Vista family-they were so good to me.
Hermana Wyson
el centro Latacunga
el centro Latacunga
Ambato Zone
Ambato Zone
Welcome to Ecuador! With Pres &Sister Christensen
Welcome to Ecuador! With Pres & Sister Christensen

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