I Moved In To A Burning Ring of FIRE!

Well guess what, I saw a volcano exploding!! Okay not really the lava but there were huge clouds of black smoke coming out of the top so I thought that was pretty awesome! If we could stay up later I could see the lava!  (We sent her a picture of the lava at night- see below) Pretty sure that was Tungurahua but I really dont know. We can see two volcanoes from our house on a clear day. I’ll send the picture from Saturday- see if you can spot them! I am loving Latacunga and the landscape. We have a lot of hills to walk up and down, but also a bunch of pretty rivers and animals and whatnot to look at. About animals-  there are dogs in the streets everywhere but for the most part they don’t do anything, unless you have a bunch of food or something haha. It’s also only scary during the night because they pack up in groupss of like 15 dogs. ewww.

I ate some interesting things this week. Hermana Solar and I like to try all of the foods that we’ve never had so it’s fun. For instance, I had Tuna (the fruit) from a stand this week. It’s just the cactus fruit and doesn’t really taste like much, but none the less I felt like a total native biting into that thing- haha. Also, our pensionista served us Guatitas on Wednesday….. oof. Luckily I didn’t know what I was eating (cow intestines) although, I had a clue because I studied histology in my anatomy class and could tell I was eating smooth muscle-if you know what I mean. lol -no one understands my anantomy references. Anyway, what’s worse is that my companion couldn’t handle it so I had to eat her portion as well, but don’t worry, she ate my mountain  of rice so we are (kinda) even.

So it turns out I´ve become a full time missionary. And by full time, I mean night and day! My companion has woken up twice this week to me sleep talking- well, sleep teaching I should say. The first night I taught the Restoration and the next night the Plan of Salvation… nice. However, I did it in Spanish! So I’m pretty impressed with myself haha.

For real though missionary work is going great here. We taught the Pacheco family one night and when we came back the next day only the 16yr old son was home. But all of a sudden his two cousins walked up and one was an 18yr-old girl! yaay that meant we could teach them. The cousin and the son seem really interested and receptive-which we love, and we love it because we know that if a person chooses to pray about our message with real intent and with faith, that they WILL receive an answer, and there’s nothing better than getting an answer from Heavenly Father himself. gahhh I love it.

Another funny moment, we were walking on the street and started talking ot a lady with her two kids. She said she lived in Germany with some Mormons at one point but did not want us to come teach her… sad. So we went to visit an investigator and guess who walked into our lesson about 45min in? The Germany lady! muaahahahaha you can’t escape us. I’m just kidding. Sadly, she hadnt changed her mind in the last hour so we just hope she got the hint from Heavenly Father.

Latacunga is awesome, so is missionary work.


Hermana Wyson

Tungurahua is erupting! Just a little.
Tungurahua is erupting! Just a little.
Herman Wyson's Neighbor is totally on Fire!
Hermana Wyson’s Neighbor is totally on Fire!

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