Hola, Hello, Holla! We are Phoneless Again :(

Yep this week was crazy too. We finally got a new cell phone on Monday after losing the first one a month ago! Aww best day of my life. Anyway, that cell phone got stolen on Friday so we are phone-less again. HAHAHA its funny really that we cant hold onto a phone for more than 5 days. Luckily, it wasn’t the scary assaulty kind of robbery (dont worry mom). We were in a hurry walking to lunch and had to stop at one street to let the cars pass. We literally only stopped once the whole time and it lasted about 45 seconds. However, when we got to lunch I realized my companions backpack was open a little bit and the cellphone and about $15 were stolen. Ugh. She started crying and I started laughing. I think we were both just astounded. Then it gets crazier because after an hour we walked into a lesson and Brother Barba told us that the elders wanted us to call them. Elder Rhees said that he got a call from a member of the church who works in Latacunga who found the SIM card to our phone!! What in the world??! I’m still not sure where or how but the member gave the card to some other missionaries and we should have a new phone by Thursday!
Lots of people here are depressed about the earthquake and all of the destruction. We taught a couple lessons about the will of God and that his ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 58) We also shared our testimonies that God lives. It’s crazy how many people don’t even believe in our Heavenly Father. I know with all my heart he lives and hears our prayers. I hope everyone feels the peace that I do from this knowledge.
 This morning my companion and I got to explore some ancient ruins from the last time Cotopaxi errupted. It was way cool. There is beauty all around.
Hermana Wyson
Cotopaxi erupted in 1744 and 1768 destroying the town of Latacunga with lava flows and mudslides. Currently Cotopaxi is “letting off steam” It kinda has a Rumbly in its Tumbly! In August last year it began to emit gas and shake the ground about 2100 times-in August alone.
Best way to watch a huge hail storm is safely from the cyber cafe
Best way to watch a huge hail storm is safely from the cyber cafe!

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