Hermana the Foto-Chopping Nurse

This week was rad. Hermana Sheldon and I are working hard. We are happy
and hopeful. Our missionaries were pretty healthy this week, but
starting today we have a few appointments every day. It is a little
tricky figuring out when to proselyte and teach and also do our work
in the offices and take calls. It’s a busy life, but I wouldn’t trade
Something amazing happened this week because during our zone meeting
we all had to introduce ourselves and I shared that my favorite hobby
is photoshop (in spanish we say foto-chop, its  kinda fun). Little did
I know that President and Hermana Christensen needed a new passport
photo, but didn’t have any with a white background. So who came to the
rescue and totally photoshopped the mission president a picture? You
betcha. I was seriously in heaven–boy I just love it so much.
Besides being nurse and computer-master, I am also a full-time
missionary! And it is great! The work here in La Colón is picking up
and I can feel it. This week we had a very sweet and spiritual lesson
with Carolina, a new investigator. We actually found her while I was
with the Hermanas in the Quito North Mission. However, since she lives
in my ward I had to wait to teach her. She is very receptive and
grateful because she has been searching for direction and God in her
life for the past little while. SHe was brought to tears as we shared
our testimonies of the Restoration of the Gospel and the sacrifice we
are willing to make to share it here in Ecuador. I am very excited to
keep teaching Carolina and pray that she will have the strength to
give her life to Christ.
I have been thinking a lot about our duty to serve everyone we can,
and share the gospel. I know that we all have friends and relatives
who need this message-because who doesnt?- and that as we share our
example and testimonies of the Gospel, they too will be touched by the
Keep Sharing, Keep Loving, And Read your Scriptures 😉
Hermana Wyson

Reunited with Hermana Solar!
Reunited with Hermana Solar!

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  1. Brenna, Thank you for your letter! I just started subscribing to your blog and this is your second post I have read. I’m touched by your sweet spirit and can feel your genuine love for the gospel and missionary work. Your letters have uplifted me and I wanted thank you for the reminder to read my scriptures. Life gets crazy and sometimes I forget. But if I read and pray daily my life is definitely better and most especially filled with hope. The gospel is true and brings happiness and meaning in lives. Keep up the great attitude. Love you! Aunt Colleen

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