Happiness in a nutshell…

This week was a spiritual adventure! The thing about the mission is that one has to set high goals and expectations in order to work to one’s full potential. This is good and we see lots of success, however with high hopes comes high disappointments. This week I have learned that we need to put in all we have and the Lord will do the rest. I learned that people have their agency and that’s all there is to it. Here are some of the best parts of the whole week:

1) On Sunday morning we had an appointment with a young couple named Ana and Carlos. They are both studying at the university and have very busy schedules. However, something caught their attention and they decided to meet with us. yay! So, we shared about the Restoration of the Gospel. We explained that God has always called prophets since Adam and on until today. We shared that after the death of Jesus Christ, many precious things were taken out of the Bible and the authority of God was lost. Then we lightened the mood with the story of Joseph Smith. They listened attentively as my companion shared the First Vision. After we asked how they felt and Carlos said “I feel something warm in, well in my whole body” and Ana said, “Trying to picture myself in his shoes, this must have been life changing. How marvelous to think that God will answer our prayers.” My companion and I were pretty much left speechless being that these are the best most perfect two answers ever. I love missionary work.
2) We taught Genesis and her mom Ibeth this week and they gave a small dinner- Hot chocolate and rolls!!!! Yum. the best part? Genesis taught us to drink hot chocolate like real ambateños- with cheese. Yep. Youre supposed to put pieces of mozarella cheese in the chocolate so that its stringy and delicious. It was actually pretty much the best.
3) Saturday night we had a few people to teach, but no one was home to visit with. Our investigator Jimena had told me (while we were on an exchange) that she would be gone until Monday, but my companion insisted that we stop by just in case. Anyway, we went to her house and lo and behond Jimena had come home early for her son’s school event and surprised us at the door. She said that has been reading the Book of Mormon every night and is still very excited to be baptized in the future. Yay for Jimena and yay for inspired companions.
That was my week in a nutshell. Hope all is well at home and that you are remembering to appreciate this crazy world.
Hermana Wyson
Me and Jimenas daughter
Me and Jimenas daughter

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