Finding Time For Fun and Fundamentals

Why, Hello there beautiful friends and family! Today I received a new companion! Her name is Sister Beutler and she’s from Sacramento, CA. This will be her last 6 weeks in the mission and I am so excited to work with her. I can tell that all she wants is to “leave it all in the field.” I am sure that I will have some fun moments with her.
One funny moment this week was during the ward missionary activity that we have every Thursday. We played a game called “mirror” where one person has to stand in front of everyone else and one by one we can go up and do whatever we want while the person mirrors whatever we do. It was fun to see the Relief Society president do exercises and to see the Ward Mission Leader do Ballet. He was actually super into it which made the whole scene even funnier. I love having fun with the ward- these people are good.
Sister Riley and I also visited with Alexandra (an investigator) and her kids a few times. Every time we go we ask her how she is doing with her reading in the Book of Mormon. Although she is a busy single mother, everyday she finds time to read a bit. She is a person that gets mad very easily and has a hard time dealing with the stress that comes from her kids, her job, etc. However, she told us this week that every time she feels the need to yell or is angry she starts to read the Book of Mormon. Almost instantly, she feels something completely different. Her anger is turned into peace and her confusion into reason. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God because with it we have the ability to overcome the “natural man” inside of all of us and find peace in the gospel.
Love to All,
Sister Wyson

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