Faster than a condor on Cotopaxi

Well this week went by faster than a condor on Cotopaxi. Hermana Barraclough and I did a couple of exchanges and that is always a fun twist in the week. One day when we did an exchange and when we all four got home and my companion and I were dying of hunger and Hermana Barraclough said that she was also dying but because every single appointment gave them food. Funny how that works out sometimes, ya know?

Anyway, we had a cool experience when our investigator Angela wanted to go to institute. We got to go with her and we all loved it! I mostly loved seeing all these faithful young people going to institute even though I know they have things they could be doing. I love these sweet Ecuadorians.

One more miracle was when one of our appointments got cancelled and we started walking towards another house. However, I thought that maybe we should visit with a few less actives before going. It started to rain lightly and when we got to the house the mom let us right in (probably because she felt bad that we were in the rain). About 3 minutes into the lesson the heavens started to open and I think it rained harder than I had ever -ever seen before. Buckets of water were falling from the sky I could not hear anything over the noise. Basically, I was very grateful to be inside. This sister was so sweet and I know that we went for a reason.

Love you, stay dry!

Hermana Wyson

Hiking Pailon del Diablo in Baños Ecuador
Hiking Pailon del Diablo in Baños Ecuador

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