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Dear Friends,

Missionary work is probably the coolest thing ever, but it’s also a bit frustrating sometimes. This week we had cancelation after cancelation from both members and investigators. Sometimes I wish they knew how hard it is to plan a day and then have it all fall apart right before. However, I know that Heavenly Father sees the big picture and puts us where we are meant to be. For instance, this week one of our investigators, Nayeli didn’t show up to the lesson so we had to send our member-present home and figure out something else to do. Then we noticed a man working in his garage. We talked to him and shared a Mormon message called “él vive” and I think he was a lot happier when we left. That’s the whole point anyway-to bring happiness to others.

My mission is so funny I tell you! This week I had to stop myself from laughing a few times. Once was when we were with a family and they had about 9 young grandkids at the house. A little 5-year-old girl said a prayer and she was just going along, “thank you for my family and my house…” And then all of a sudden “and thank you for Martin Luther King Jr. He was good.” Hahaha gotta love kids-so random and cute. Also, we went to teach Grace again this week. (the Costa Rican who likes to practice English) When we got there she had yogurt smeared all over her face. Apparently it’s good for the pores. It was hard to take her seriously even though she’s totally serious most of the time.  “What is??!”I wouldn’t say I was a terribly shy person before my mission, but I’m definitely blessed with the he ability to talk to people without being scared at all. That’s the power of the missionary tag, my friends!

One last thing, my favorite thing recently has been the phrase “agarrese del extremo de la barra de hielo” which means “cling to the iron rod.” If you’re familiar with the Book of Mormon you’ll know that reference to Lehi’s dream. It’s in chapter 8 of 1Nephi and describes the iron rod and the word of God. I encourage you all to read it! Great chapter. As we cling to the rod, we will find greater peace in our life and great treasures of joy in the world to come. I love the mission thank you for all the support. Thanks to Sister Ashdown for the fun package! I felt like the coolest cat around!

Love,  Sister Wyson


Grandkids Galore
Grandkids Galore

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