Don’t you just love the smell of wood?

The 2nd week of the transfer is always great. Well, who am I kidding, every week is great! But this one was special because Hermana Barraclough and I attended 4 conferences (leadership, zone, zone, stake) and put into practice what we are learning. For example, we were taught to be friendly and real with every person we come into contact with. This weekend we talked to a family in the street and the parents said that they were on the way to work and that they were carpenters. My companion, being friendly of course, made a connection and said “wow very cool! I love the smell of wood!” I don’t think they thought it was as funny as I did, but boy I’m sure we won their confidence.

We were also trained to love people and to not be afraid to teach the truth. On Saturday we were in a lesson with a new family and while we were singing a hymn the member who had come with us just about lost it when she pointed out to us a GINORMOUS spider on their speaker system. The body was about the size of a 50 cent coin and the legs made it worse. It was black as night and moving fast. The investigator tried to whack at it, but the spider just crawled right into the speaker and waited. The whole lesson we put the lesson on “dont fear” into practice as we kept our calm for the next half hour.
Finally, we learned to listen to the Spirit and love our investigators. We went to go teach some investigators and we had a great lesson planned. However, when we arrived only the oldest daughter Angela was home. We thought to leave and come back later when the whole family would be there, but my companion turned to me and asked if I didn’t feel like we should share something short with her. I did. So, we started to talk to this young 18 year old girl. As we tried to listen to the Spirit and love her like Heavenly Father does, we found out that she has been through a lot more than we had previously imagined. Angela is a very special daughter of God and needed more than anything for someone to listen to her. I know that God sends us where we need to be.
Love your Neighbor and pray for everyone!
Hermana Wyson
Sharing a message-Ambato Zone Conference
Sharing a message-Ambato Zone Conference
Hermanas on a mountaintop :)
Hermanas on a mountaintop :)
Hermans Barraclough and I Livin' the Dream
Hermans Barraclough and I Livin’ the Dream


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