Don’t Cry For Me Latacunga

We lived with the Familia Tapia… Fausto, Ximena, Camila, me, Carmen

So, I got transferred! I am now in Quito in the Colón Stake. Now don’t go making any anatomy jokes please… hahaha but for real I am excited to be here with my new companion Hermnana Quispe from Peru! However, transfers are really really hard because there are so many people who I have come to love in Latacunga. When we got the call I didn’t know whether to cry or scream or jump or whatever. So, I cried. hahaha the mission is good. It was also such a strange day because I got to skype with my family and was translating my thoughts into English. Ugh that means I literlly have a hard time expressing myself in two languages. That’s what a couple months in Ecuador will do to you…

This last week in Latacunga was super great though! We got to go to Pujilí again and I love that place. Funny story is the last time we went I got to pet one of the pigs that the Calero Family owns. This week I ate that very pig!!!! whaaaat. Too cool.
We also had a cool experience with a new family we are teaching. In the house lives the mom and dad, her two daughters, and 4 grandchildren. On Saturday night we had a lesson fall through and we were a little disappointed because it was with a great family. But, we felt like we should go visit this other new family. When we got there only one daughter was home and she was hesitant to let us in, but her daughter Paula convinced her -sweet. So we taught her and guess what! Heavenly Father sent the whole family home and we ended up visiting with all of them at once. That was a miracle and we all felt the Spirit. Missionary Work is pretty cool, keep on working and spreading love and charity and I will too!.
Hermana Wyson
Next Week's Dinner
From the Skype session “Remember the story about the Pig? (no she didn’t ever tell us)
Last Week's Fun
Well, I ate it!

One thought on “Don’t Cry For Me Latacunga

  1. My dear Brenna,
    What a great experience,Ecuador is very beautiful, every little town has it own identity people are nice and the most important, you are learning and having fun. We often think of you with a big smile in our hearts. Please don’t forget us. Yo También te tengo en mis oraciones diarias,y pudo a Dios para que te cuide.siempre. Lots of love and hugs.

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