Día de los Difuntos

Boo! Happy Halloween. Today I dressed up as a wet missionary thanks to the unexpected rain. Well, it should be expected I suppose, but I try to think for the best. This week we celebrated Halloween/Día de los Difuntos by drinking more colada morada and a ward party.

Lucila made us the colada this week. She is so so sweet and I just love visiting her. She says that after taking her sister to church for a couple weeks up in Otavalo, that she goes by herself now! What a great example. Remember how much of a good example we can all be to our family members! Miracles happen.

The ward had a costume dance party and it was so fun! We hit referral gold because a bunch of members brought their friends and family. We were able to get to know them and even set up a few future teaching appointments. I love fun activities! They are a win-win-win. My companion and I dressed as Indigenous women and it was great. I love putting on my anaco, and the people here get so confused when they see white people in it. hahaha.  We are busy teaching and comforting those in need of comfort–it is a great work!

Not much to tell this week-its been a crazy good one and they days fly by. I love missionary work.     Hermana Wyson

Another Day at the Office
Another Day at the Office

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