Cuy, Gloria’s Cuy! (‘kwee’ not to be confused with glorious)

I live a life completely Ecuadorian. I don’t think I will survive in the states anymore… For instance, this week, I ate cuy. Cuy in English is guinea pig. It’s a typical plate of the natives here and is known to do wonders for your health! hahaha For real I was so so so excited to eat it. There is a sister in our ward named Gloria and she’s pretty much insane, but in a good way. She swears by cuy–says that it healed her of cancer. Gloria was just baptized about 2 years ago and absolutely loves missionaries. She makes sure that not one leaves the ward without eating her home cooked guinea pig. I love her. My companion Hermana Sheldon did not enjoy the meal too much, but I thought it was alright. Plus I’m feeling pretty good after eating a magical healing rodent.

Other than the weird food habits I am also learing the native language, Quechua. Well, I don’t speak very many words but I know how to say “hello” and “goodbye” and to say “will you get baptized”- okay, okay just kidding about the last part, but I should learn that phrase! Lots of my friends here are indigenous and I love them so so much. We feel the Spirit so strongly while teaching them and I am so excited to see them progress in the Gospel. We have an indigenous woman getting baptized this weekend and we are going to dress in all Otavaleño clothing. I am so so psyched.

The indigenous people are even cooler than their clothing-which is wayyyy cool.

On the Mission Nurse side of things I am loving life. We are learning that most missionaries just need to drink more water. However, sometimes we get a call from someone who thinks they’re about to die, then we freak out, they freak out, president’s wife freaks out, and then they drink some water and turn out fine. We’re going to work on the not freaking out part this week. hahaha I love being in this position and I am learning so much!

it’s all good Elder-your not gonna die!

Remember that every good deed is noted in the heavens and that angels are watching out for us! I feel them every day. Thank you for the prayers!

Hermana Wyson

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