Chimborazo- hot lava on the inside, snow covered missionaries on the outside

What a Christmas!!!

I’m not quite sure what to share this week. Mostly what happened is I learned that Heavenly Father is more involved in all of our lives than we will ever give credit. I feel that I am better able to follow the Spirit and do what He wants me to do. My companion and I are getting along great and are ready to get to work this week. It may be a rough week being that we are in between two huge holidays, but I know that we will find success. All I know is that so many people have told us to “come teach us in January” which means next week will be a literal harvest!!
For Christmas we had church meetings, ate with members, talked to the family, and even had some visits. We thought that no one would receive us, but we were blessed to teach and testify of Christ on such a special day. I am so grateful to be here!!!
Also, today we had a white Christmas because we went to Chimborazo (the highest place on Earth nbd) and played in the snow as a District. It was lovely!
Hermana Wyson
Snow fun with Hermana Riley
Snow fun with Hermana Riley

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