Calming Chickens

Chicas! Buenos Dias!

Chicas! Buenos Días!

This week was wonderous! Why so wonderous, Sister Wyson??? Well lets see…..

First of all I got to see my old companions in Quito for leadership training. Second, my parents had sent packages that were waiting there. Third, the Church is true and the mission life is crazy good.

For instance, this Tuesday my companion and I were walking down the road when I noticed someone was following us (usually this is something to be concerned about). When I looked back this older lady was practically running after us and said “Chicas! Buenos Días!” or “Girls! Good Morning!” We happily introduced ourselves and were about to set up an appointment when she asked if she could invite us in at that moment. Pleasantly surprised we walked with her to the house as she told us all about the miracle it was that she found us. She said that her son is studying English to go live in Canada and that last night they both decided that they needed someone native-speaking to  practice with. When she saw two American girls on the street she said she knows it was a sign from God. haha. I guess that’s true. Anyway, we have been teaching her and her son and they are really receptive and are reading the Book of Mormon. crazy. good.

On Thursday we had a ward activity in the church put on by us missionaries. We shared a short message and played some sweet games. We did the one where you have to put an oreo on your forehead and eat it without hands. These members are INTENSE. Like shaking their heads back and forth so hard, or jumping in the chair to try and win. So so funny. I love Ecuadorians.
To end the week we had a FHE with Alexandra (investigator) and her family along with a few members. When we got there is was a bit awkward because Alexandra and her kids were having an argument and the washer had flooded the house and there was a chicken running around. It was strange. However, we finally got the water cleared up and sat down to share a message. We talked about Nephi and shared 1 Nephi 17:51. It was powerful and uplifting. Then we made no-bake cookies together and by the end of it all we were all laughing and having a great time. Even the chicken was more calm. It was awesome to see the change in that family. I know the Gospel changes lives!
Love to all,
Hermana Wyson
Packaged with love (and chocolate!
Packaged with love (and chocolate!)
Cookies with Rosa
Cookies with Rosa
$1 worth of Bananas
$1 worth of Bananas

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