Bad Hair Sunday

Dear Family and Friends,

This weekend we went without water. It was only the south of Quito and we heard that they were going to cut the water Saturday morning and open it Monday morning. So, we planned to shower really well Friday to last the weekend, however when we got home that night… no water. I thought it was an April Fools joke, but alas, it was the truth. The hard, dirty truth. Anyway, we did alright using cold bucket showers (I finally got to do that instagram ALS ice bucket challenge thing that was popular forever ago) on Sunday to rinse off for church. The whole ward looked a bit ragged, but all is well.
The funny thing is, while the water was not coming out of the faucet, it was pouring out of the sky as never before imagined. Hermana Adams and I got so soaking wet this week it was funny. At one point on Wednesday (it had been raining all afternoon) we bought bread, milk, and coco powder and went to a members home to ask them to heat up some hot chocolate for us. Hahaha. It worked!
The rain also brought us a miracle! That same Wednesday all of our plans and back up plans seemed to have failed and we decided to knock doors. After a total of 2 doors we saw a young mom walking in the rain with a 5 year old by her side, a 6 month old strapped to her back, and two ginormous bags of groceries. Right away we asked if we could walk her home, and before she could reject us we grabbed her bags, gave her an umbrella, and walked the 25 minutes to her house. She let us in and felt the Spirit as we shared the Restoration. I love the Restoration. I love rain. I love Ecuador.
Hermana Wyson

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