Calming Chickens

Chicas! Buenos Días! This week was wonderous! Why so wonderous, Sister Wyson??? Well lets see….. First of all I got to see my old companions in Quito for leadership training. Second, my parents had sent packages that were waiting there. Third, the Church is true and the mission life is crazy good. For instance, this Tuesday […]

Happy Old Year?

Happy Old Year!!!! I think that here in Ecuador they celebrate the 31st more for finishing the year than welcoming the new one. For example, one custom is to burn a paper mache doll thing at midnight. It’s supposed to represent burning 2016. The people here in Ambato for real are paper mache masters. My […]

The Rat, The Dog and the Rain

Feliz Navidad amigos! This has been the shortest most longest week of my life. I don’t know how that works, but it’s true. We were able to have the zone Christmas Dinner at President Christensen’s home on Wednesday and it was simply wonderful! I got to see my old companions Sister Sjovold and Mosquera because […]

Living next to the sun!!

What a crazy week  I think I suffered a bit from culture shock moving from the capitol city… but I am loving Ambato!  My companion is Sister Riley from Orem and we have friends in common. We can see three volcanoes from our place Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, y Chimborazo! Here are some great things that happened […]

Water Allergies and Such

This week was a doozie! Really though it seems like we did so much but it whizzed by! Here are some of the most memorable parts: On Friday we had an appointment to visit Lucila, a recent convert, with her visit teaching companion. In the church there is a program called “visiting teaching” for the […]

This Mission is Trippin’!

What do missionaries do when the whole city leaves???? Well, not much. Okay that’s not entirely true, but it is just so much harder to find people. This week Ecuador had 5 days of vacation from Wednesday to Sunday, so everyone and their mom went out of town. Even the doctors were gone, so we […]