All Creatures of Our God and King

Hello all this week was rockin´ because we had 2 baptisms and taught a bunch of new people. There were also lots of funny moments which is integral to missionary work.

First off, you thought those vocanoes were cool? We saw Cotopaxi in all its majesty this week and it blew my mind. It is usually partially obscured by clouds some sort. I love Ecuador, oh my goodness. This vocano is HUGE and practically my backyard-even though i live on the 3rd floor haha. We also found a quaint little path on our way to a lesson this week and came across my friend bessy. I just love that there can be cows and chickens and goats all around (not so much the little creatures in the water supply!). Its also been raining so the rivers are full and the streets are clean!

This Tuesday we were walking to a lesson and noticed that practically every girl had a rose in her hand. Turns out it was Dia de Mujeres or Day of the women! yaaay so Hermana Solar and I got flowers for each other. All of the men called us ´queens´wherever we went. Kinda weird but nice I guess.
We taught quite a few hard-core catholics this week, as usual. But one man told us that he talked to his priest and was told that talking to missionaries is a sin. I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with learning more about Heavenly Father and all, but Satan doesnt want anyone to trust us, so I see the reasoning there. Our investigator just told us we could teach his family but only as ´friends´that works.
We had two baptisms!!!! Marta is the mom of two convert daughters and is really sweet. They live out in Pujili and we got to go vistit them this week so that was great. It is so good to see a whole family doing whats right and children being the exmaple to their parents. Yesica also got baptized. Shes 14 and is doing a great job at trying to be faithful and pray often. Nothing better than hearing the testimonies of others, I love the gospel.
People ask me all the time for help with their English homework. It’s fun to speak a little in my language after pure Spanish for dayz. One funny thing is that there are a ton of t-shirts and things that have english phrases. This week someone walked into a lesson and had ´Surf Errday´on his shirt. I had to explain what it meant to everyone… ´es como hacer surf cada dia, pero mas corto… caadia´ I’m not sure they understand but thats alright I thought it was funny.
Im doing great out here in the Latacunga ward and I am praying for everyone at home. Stay strong in the gospel and don’t be afraid to open your mouth. This is the best news since the Resurrection -we better share it with the whole wide world!
Hermana Wyson
Me and Bessy--and Hermana Solar staving off a panic attack!
Me and Bessy–and Hermana Solar staving off a panic attack to take the picture!
KODAK Digital Still Camera
I Loved My Lunch!

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