Alive and Kickin’ it with a Gringa?

What a great week to be alive! I have learned so much this week thanks to the 400 missionaries who we take care of. There were a bunch of funny calls this week but I´ll include only one: ´Hi Hermanas so my nose is really dry and it keeps bleeding, what can I do?`  “Okay elder, you can put vaseline in your nose every morning and night and then see how it is in a few days” “wait, so I’ll have to breathe through my mouth????” HAHA okay I had to translate that from Spanish but it’s basically what happened and I laughed out loud. #dontbethatelder

Also, something a little funny and actually not funny at all is that my companion, Hermana Farfan, is also learning to be a nurse-like me. She tells us that she´s been praying for an emergency in the mission so that she can learn how to deal with it. Well wouldn’t you know it — on Tuesday around 11pm an elder called and said his companion was in a lot of pain and only on the right side of his stomach. After a night of blood tests and echos they concluded it was appendicitis so he had to travel here to Quito and get a surgery real quick. The poor elder suffered so that my companion`s prayer could be answered. nice.

Another thing that is super awesome and a little awkward is that we found  family to teach! Only that they live in the North Mission so I won’t be able to visit them any more. They are the Estrella family and its a couple with their 4 daughters. We met them on the street and then one night after giving up looking for their house, we ran into them again. We invited them to church and the next morning we met up with the mom and two daughters to go. When we were walking she got very confused because she said “no, the church is over that way!” and we said “no, it’s just a little farther up this street.” We then later found out that she thought we were Catholics and that we were taking her to mass… awkward. Lucky enough she came anyway and liked it. We are expecting a baptism in a month or so. yay!

So now I’m back in my mission and have a new companion- Hermana Sheldon. She’s from San Clemente so we have a lot in common. It’s a little weird to be with an estadounidense, but I think we will work well. I love teaching and I love medicine, can the mission get any better?


Hermana Wyson

Hanging at the hospital
Hanging at the hospital
Beautiful Quito
Beautiful Quito
I loved sharing time in the Norte Mission!
I loved sharing time in the Norte Mission with these great sisters!

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  1. So happy for you Brenna! I love that you have the opportunity to help people! Love you and miss you!

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