A Trio of Cali Girls

Hi all! It has been another week in Quito. This week Hermana Sheldon and I got our new companion, Hermana Mosquera!! She is straight out of the MTC and comes from Cali, Colombia. Shes actually a nurse by profession, so we are training her to be a missionary and to be the mission nurse. To welcome her to Quito we were taking her to the offices and to the house and to visit and on the way home we took whats called the ecovìa. It’s a huge bus thats always so full and crazy. We were joking and telling her what to do just incase for some reason we got separated. Then to our not so surprise my companion and I got off of the bus at the stop and Hermana Mosquera got trapped by all the people. So, we waved goodbye as she rode off in the bus packed in like a poor little sardine. Luckily, because of our training she knew to get off at the next stop and wait for us there. I couldnt help but laugh, that was just too good of a welcome into the mission.

Luckily this week we also got to ride in the president´s car down to a place called Riobamba! Its about a 4 hour car ride so I am beyond grateful we could avoid the ecovìa and buses for that trip! I got to see Chimborazo the volcano for the first time and it was breathtaking! There we gave a training on first aid: CPR, Heimlich, burns, bleeding, all that good stuff. I have to give a shoutout to my young women camp directors who also taught me first aid and made me teach it to other people. Girls camp rules!
We also were able to pass by Lucila this week to reteach the Restoration. I was about to relate the First Vision of Joseph Smith when Lucila got really excited, grabbed the pamphlet I had, and started telling us all she knew about Joseph SMith and that God and Jesus came to him when he was praying. May I remind you she doesnt speak much SPanish… her version was a little different than what I remember (like Heavenly Father saying, “look young man! Listen to this son of mine named Jesus.”) but I could feel the Spirit radiating from her nonetheless. I hope we can all be a little more excited about the restoration of the gospel, and remember more often how blessed we are to live with living prophets!
Stay classy
Hermana Wyson

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