A Pocketfull of blessings

Heres a quick email dedicated to all those missionaries struggling to finish their food:

This week we had the privilege of eating with Familia Jacome. They are a cute family that live in the middle of nowhere and have 3 young kids. We enjoyed a delicious soup, a mountain of rice, and a normal portion of noodles w/ meat. We somehow were able to get all that down when, all of a sudden, sister Jacome started making dessert- espumilla (espoohmeeya). It’s a foamy substance made with egg whites, sugar, and a bit of cooked fruit. I do not like it very much. On top of that, I was filled to the brim with carbs and tried so hard to get down the dessert. She also gave us some bread to dip in it. knowing that the bread would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, I quickly hid it in a napkin and shoved it into my pocket. My companion noticed that I had stuffed something in there, but she thought it was espumilla. Not thinking twice, she scooped a large portion of the foam into a napkin and put it into her pocket! She did it once or twice more to finish up the espumilla and when I realized what she was doing I was a bit confused. When we finally got out of the house and to the bus stop I asked about her pocket and lo and behold the napkin had exploded and there were sugary egg whites all over. Lets just say it was a lot easier to clean out the bread crumbs from my pocket than the eggs from Hermana Barraclough’s hahaha.
We also saw a miracle while teaching Marjorie. We found her and her son while walking in the street and we taught them this Thursday. While teaching the Restoration we told the story of the First Vision and felt so strongly the Spirit there in her home. After sharing I asked how she felt. She said, “happy.” Then I asked if she believed that it was true, and she said, “of course I do!” What a perfect- perfect response. I love this work because the miracles we see every day are miracles that change the world of the people here.
Hermana Wyson
Quick hike up an active volcano... nbd
Quick hike up an active volcano… nbd

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